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About Us


After 15 years away from the ocean's edge, we answered the call and moved back to be closer to nature and look out on the water every day. Every morning as it emerges from the mist, Shag Island reminds us how lucky we are to be here and how lucky we all are to live on our beautiful island (NL). Spending time outdoors and staying active keeps us strong and healthy, both physically and mentally.

Islands symbolize strength, beauty, and nature. Each of us is like an island, separate on the surface, but even in the roughest seas we are all connected deep down by nature.

The word Shagg is used to describe many islands or rocks in Atlantic Canada. It is a type of appearance or style. It is also a word used to describe a certain movement or as a gesture of a carefree attitude!

We represent the outsiders! Those who take every opportunity to enjoy nature and their beautiful province and Live for the Outdoors!

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